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Welcome to Darlene Koski's watercolor website!

Hi, my name is Darlene Koski, and welcome to a website containing some of my paintings.

I'm a watercolorist who splits my time between Marquette, Michigan, and Melbourne Beach, Florida.  I came to watercoloring later in life; I'd never really painted much before taking a class seven years ago, but found that I enjoyed doing it.  What you see below are a few examples of my work.  I tend to specialize in landscapes and animals, and I don't mind painting scenes near a beach or on the water, either.  But then when you spend half your time living on the shore of Lake Superior and the other half next to the Atlantic Ocean, you tend to see a lot of beaches and a lot of water.

As time goes on, you'll be seeing more on this site.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them.  Just drop me an e-mail to

Thanks for visiting!

Here's my latest update, covering 2018.  I was playing a lot with bold colors and contrasts this year...

Culminating in a series--

I was also still visiting my "Red" period--

And then, there were a couple that were close to home--

 And while the ones that follow didn't necessarily fit into any one category, they still popped off my brush this year--

 That's 2018.  Let's now back to 2016 & 2017, and the aforementioned   "Red" period--

I was also inspired by a trip I took to Germany with my son & daughter-in-law.  That vacation inspired a few works, like this landscape----

And my son playing with one of his favorite things in the world--

Yes, for the record, I have a strange son.  Here are a few others from 2016, including beach and animal works--.

Finally, let's wrap 2016 up with an explosion of color--

That's 2016.  What did 2017 bring to my palette?  How about my new grandson Abel!

I also explored an African influence during the year...

There's just something about the colors and the stylized figures in that form of art, isn't there?  I also seemed to work a lot with landscape and landscape-related scenes--

Animals also played a part in my 2017 output--

Finally, I also continued my "red phase" that began in 2016--

I'm guessing that will continue into 2018 and beyond.

Now, let's head back to 2015 and the years before that.  Here's one my husband, Chick, really likes.  My family's kind of proud of it, too.

This is a typical scene in Marquette's Lower Harbor Park, no more than 100 feet from where we live when there.

Flying High--

I call this one "More Pots".  Think you can guess why?

Into every life a little rain must fall--

Don't worry.  This one won't bite!

This one is called "Looks Like Door County".  For those of you who don't know about it, Door County is the little "thumb" in the mitten that is the state of Wisconsin.


"It's okay...I'm here!"

Let's just call this one "Mountain View".  It can be any mountain you've visited or any mountain you love.

Yes, this is an Italian town square.  No, it's not any particular Italian town. 

You don't see many old-style windmills in the U.S.  And the ones you do see always seem to be at parks (or miniature golf courses)--

Let's call this one "Sunset".

"Waiting for the Storm".  We often see storm systems either coming into or leaving Marquette over Lake Superior; it's always an impressive sight.

Some days, it would be so nice just to be able to play like an otter...

Here's my annual Christmas work, called "Open Now".

If you're looking at this, you're "The Apple of My Eye".  Or, at the very least, the Granny Smith apple of my eye!

"Faster, Mom, Faster!"

Hello, there...

 It's "The Top of the World"!

Now, some of my older work.  This one's called "One Last Hole To Sew":

"Beautiful Time of Year":

"Been Here a Long Time":

"Favorite Fishing Spot":

"Bursting My Bubbles":

"Time is Money":

"Jazz Man"; my son & daughter-in-law also call this the "Kenny Rogers" picture!

Speaking of my son, here's "Jim's Lilacs".  It's my interpretation of a photograph he took in downtown Marquette.

"Lonesome Cabin":

"Mountain Sunset":

"My Precious Girls".  Every year my son takes pictures of my granddaughters; this is my version of one of them.  The granddaughter on the left, Mallory, blurted out "Oh my gosh, it looks just like me!" when seeing this for the first time!

"No Soap in My Eyes":

"Old Time Waterwheel":


"Presque Isle Cove".  This is an area in one of Marquette's beautiful city parks (Presque Isle Park) that the locals call "Black Rocks".

"Purple Bluff" (in the Caribbean):

"Roman Soldier":

"Somewhere on the Prairie":

"Stairway to Heaven" (with apologies to Led Zeppelin):

"What Else Can We Get Into?":

Now, let's go back to 2012:

Here's "Avenue of the Giants", in Redwoods National Park.  Can you see me in the painting?

"A Warm Day in the Caribbean ":

"Fortune Cookies":

"In My Wildest Dreams":

"In The Wild":

"It's Cold Out Here!":

"Just Hanging Out":

"Lots of Poppies":

"Lower Harbor Sunrise", a view we get from our Marquette home each and every morning :

"Marion's Farm", a work for my friend Marion Walsh:

"Melanie's Garden", my take on my daughter's back yard flower bed:

"Pier Sunset", a common view where we winter in Florida:

"Old Rustbucket", an Oldsmobile, if you're curious:

"Somewhere in Asia":

"Stained Glass":

"Steely Eyes", my take on a wolf:

"Sunset at the Pier", another common view in Florida:

"Tip of the Tetons", from a visit during the summer of 2011:

"Where Do We Start?":

"Where's My Mom?":

The oldies but goodies?  Here they are!

1.  This a view from our balcony in Marquette:

2.  Here's Marquette's famous Lake Superior lighthouse :

3.  Here's a Kingfisher:

4.  Here's a work I did for my daughter-in-law's 2011 Christmas cards:

5.  Next, a prize peony:

6.  Too tired for a ride!

7.  Big stories start here...

8.  Times are tough, aren't they!!

9.  Thanksgiving time:

10.  Taking it easy:

11.  Evening glow across the water:

12.  Here's to recycling:

13.  Fruit of the vine:

14.  Let's play!!

15.  Battery Park, New York City:

16.  Here are a pair of sunglasses for my grandaughter!

17.  Hop on...let's ride!

18.  A cafe we visited in St. Marie du Mont, France:

19.  Overlooking a vineyard in Italy:

20.  Vietnamese waters:

21.  When life was simpler...

22.  Ol' Southern porch:

23.  Hey, I'm still here!!

24.  My son's best friend:

25.  The love of the pride:

26.  Munch up!!

27.  C'mon...let's dance!

28.  Going fishing in Alaska:

29.  Working for the Board of Light & Power:

30.  Sad eyes:

31:  Given to my great-grandson for hs room:

32.  Winter in New England:

33.  On the shores of Lake Superior:

34:  Where are all the tourists?

35.  Did someone forget about me?

36.  Ocean surf:

37.  A bouquet of French flowers for Mom:

38.  Upper Harbor ore dock on Lake Superior in Marquette:

39.  Stained glass parrots:

40:  Busy waters in Venice:

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